There is a true historical
and family link behind our logo.

It comes from a sculpture representing a young woman harvesting. Marius Giot, famous regional artist and cousin of our family, has created this sculpture in 1968. The model who inspired him for this sculpture is Reine-Marie Nominé, Claude’s sister, at the age of 15 years old.

First and foremost, we are Winegrowers. Each generation has passed on to the next the same passion for our vineyard.


We are the 3rd generation and we benefit from the most valuable experience of our family elders. We learn about the diversity of soils and climates of each plot, day after day. 3 grape-varieties planted across 6 different villages, spread in 36 plots!

Simon Nominé looks carefully after the vines until the grapes have reached their best. During harvest, the fruit is selected, hand-picked and directly pressed in our Cellar in Villevenard.

Being Independant Grower (Récoltant-Manipulant) means managing the production from the land to the bottle, this is the guaranty of a unique wine, with a sense of place and dedicated people behind the product.

Growing vines is working with the environment, all year around.

Therefore, we are naturally involved in sustainable agriculture, which requires special attention to our land, to preserve its biodiversity and the quality of soils.

The Nominé-Renard Style

We press and vinify separately each grape-variety and each plot of vineyard, to keep the identify of each Terroir.

The greatest diversity of wines gives us as much flexibility for the blending.

The characteristic of Champagne is to produce and maintain a unique and constant style, year after year, despite the variation of climate and harvest.

The art of blending is to maintain the identity of each cuvee.