An invitation to traveling

Each bottle transports you to the discovery of new tastes, new sensations and atmospheres. Champagne makes you dream. It appeals to intelligence and imagination, it arouses a kind of spirituality. Chardonnay, this green gold, with its smell of fresh almonds and its lively bubbles, is brought to its best through subtle nuances of dried herbs. It leads to meditation, or even philosophy, it helps seduce. Pinot Noir leads to sensuality and passion. As yellow as ripe wheat-straw, it is fruity, rich, full and fleshy, sometimes rustic. Perfect for late evenings out, sleepless nights.
until ecstasy... Pinot Meunier inspires tenderness, alliances. A yellow gold, the colour of oat straw, its flavour ranges from citrus fruit to greengage plum. It sometimes finishes on toasted bread. It is mellow. well-balanced and warm. It is a wine of celebrations and reunions, of treaties and contracts.

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